January 2018
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10 Stupid Things to Say or Do Around a Cop

This article at Yahoo! Finance, What Not to Say When Pulled Over by a Cop, covers the basics.  Here’s their list and my spoof below, lol.

1.  Play Nice.

First rule: don’t argue.

2.  Keep It Honest.

Don’t lie, either.

3.  Stay Calm.

When those headlights go on, it’s best to pull the car to the right, stay in the car, turn the interior lights on if it’s dark and put your hands on the steering wheel.

I know that if I was a cop, all of that sounds like a great idea.  I also think you should avoid this too:

4.  Seriously, put on your seat belt if you were silly enough not to be wearing it.

5.  Make sure the beer cans are under the seats.

6.  Don’t play the theme to “Cops” as he/she walks up to your car.  That only works for Gabriel Iglesias.

7.  Don’t drive around in circles throwing your weed out the window thinking that’s going to save your butt…I was watching some reality tv show and that made me laugh so hard I cried…

8.  Don’t do anything with a water gun.

9.  Don’t slide over to the passenger seat and act like the driver ran off.  That’s another nod to Gabriel Iglesias.

10.  Don’t do that stop, start stop that I’ve also seen on reality tv.  Idiots.

Come on, add some more funny…  :-)

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