January 2018
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3 Ways To Find My Balance

I may have overscheduled myself but I refuse to give up.  I am currently trying to find the correct balance between my job, my life, my contract work on the side, blogging, and staff writing.  These are the 3 things I’m trying to concentrate on right now:

1)  Prioritize

  • My husband, family, and friends are always my first priority but those relationships are pretty solid.  I just make sure to make time as needed. 
  • My second priority is everything I get paid for – work, contract work, and staff writing. 
  • My third priority is building all 3 of my blogs up so I will be able to blog full time by 2012. 
  • Dogs, chores, and everything else fall behind in my priorities, but don’t worry, the dogs are fed, medicated as needed, and much loved, lol.

2)  Budget My Time Based on Those Priorities

  • I have had to start blowing off some stuff to make time for the necessities. 
  • I no longer read and comment on as many other blogs as I did, but I still try to make the rounds. 
  • I also am slowing down with my writing, but guest posts have helped a ton. 
  • The ideas are still there thankfully, I just need to find time to put them on paper like I am right now.

3)  Schedule

  • It’s hard to make a set schedule since life has a way of popping up even when unplanned, lol. 
  • I am going to try to have set blocks of time set aside for at least catchup work as needed.  I’m tentatively putting aside 2 hours each night Monday-Thursday and a 3 hour block on Saturday or Sunday as available.

How do you balance all of your responsibilities?  What does your priority list look like?

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4 comments to 3 Ways To Find My Balance

  • Good luck! How do I balance? Short answer: I don’t.

    Long answer: organization, set schedules, knowing how to say no. And getting over not being perfect all the time.
    Nicole recently posted..Series we didn’t feel the need to finish

  • I’ve had the same MO for a while. I always let one major thing slip. In college, there was always one class I blew off more than others. Now I flip flop between my many priorities. When I feel like one thing is being too neglected, I neglect something else until the previous neglected thing is tended to. It’s not the best system, but in general I manage to keep all the balls I’m juggling in the air.

    Like Nicole, over time I realized that I can’t overachieve with everything. I have to be happy to be just good at a lot of things.

  • Btw, how was Ren Faire?
    Nicole recently posted..Series we didn’t feel the need to finish

  • @Nicole, well, I gladly accept I’m not perfect and we’ll see from there…

    @First Gen American, that’s how I am. Dogs not getting enough attention? Shower them and ignore blogging. Blog needs some posts? Write like crazy person and ignore family. Family needs more time? Ignore all but dog basics and start planning more visits…yep, it keeps everything going but I’m going to work at a little more balance, lol.

    @Nicole, LOVED IT! The falconry show was cool, the fire whip act was amazing, and the stew was yummy too!