January 2018
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Airline Secrets

I just read 35 Secrets Your Pilot Won’t Tell You and these are the ones that will make me think twice every time I need to fly:

- Sometimes pilots delay flights just so they will have a chance to eat.  Shouldn’t eating be scheduled in for them?!

- “The Department of Transportation has put such an emphasis on on-time performance that we pretty much aren’t allowed to delay a flight anymore, even if there are 20 people on a connecting flight that’s coming in just a little late.” -Commercial pilot, Charlotte, North Carolina  This one really ticks me off!

- Pilots are legally put on 16 hour shifts.  I do not want to be in his last 5 hours!

- “The two worst airports for us: Reagan National in Washington, D.C., and John Wayne in Orange County, California. You’re flying by the seat of your pants trying to get in and out of those airports. John Wayne is especially bad because the rich folks who live near the airport don’t like jet noise, so they have this noise abatement procedure where you basically have to turn the plane into a ballistic missile as soon as you’re airborne.” -Pilot, South Carolina  Remind me not to fly into or out of either one of those!

- “You may go to an airline website and buy a ticket, pull up to its desk at the curb, and get onto an airplane that has a similar name painted on it, but half the time, you’re really on a regional airline. The regionals aren’t held to the same safety standards as the majors: Their pilots aren’t required to have as much training and experience, and the public doesn’t know that.” -Captain at a major airline  Hmmm…bait and switch, isn’t it?

- If they tell the flight attendants to sit down, make sure you are buckled in for the turbulence ahead!

- “When you get on that airplane at 7 a.m., you want your pilot to be rested and ready. But the hotels they put us in now are so bad that there are many nights when I toss and turn. They’re in bad neighborhoods, they’re loud, they’ve got bedbugs, and there have been stabbings in the parking lot.” -Jack Stephan  I think I rather pay an extra couple of bucks a flight so that my pilot gets some sleep!

Oh, and I thought these tips are just good to know:

- They ask you to put laptops up so they won’t be projectiles during a rough landing.

- They ask you to put up the shades on the windows so that flight attendants can see outside if an emergency occurs during landing and so people have some more light when getting off the plane.

- “Nice landing” is a great compliment for a pilot since landing are usually where you can see the best of their skills.  :-)

Did any of these points surprise you?

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