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Are You Okay with Late?

I was sent this article about the fact that people run late more often with no guilt since they give updates via cell phones and communication devices.  I can believe it, but sorry, I do not condone it.  It’s annoying as heck.

I am an early or on-time person.  I usually arrive 5-20 minutes early to everything.  I can’t help it.  I stress if I run behind.

I understand that not everyone is the same way.  I have no problem with waiting 5-20 minutes past a meeting time, but if someone starts pushing that half hour mark or more, I get livid.  I’ll admit it, I take it personally.  It feels like they aren’t respecting me or my time.  Several times, after receiving texts that a friend is going to be 45 minutes late or more, I’ll text back that I’m finishing my meal and I’ll meet up with them some other time.

Does that mean all of my close friends are reliably on-time like I am?  Nope.  But I have learned which friends are dependable and which ones are always late…I’ll make appointments with the first ones and open-ended ideas with the second set, lol. 

Group events like potlucks and board gaming nights are awesome for all types.  The early arrivers and on-timers help get the party started and the late arrivers are more than welcome with the second wave of food.  :-)  Plus, if we’re board gaming, they may have to wait a little bit for a game to finish, which feels like karma to me, hehehe. 

Desiree and Mitch, if you are reading this, I love you two, but yes, I am talking about you.  ;-)

What do you think?  Which category do you fall into and what’s your take on the others?

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