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Are Your Friends Your Age?

If you asked me to name off my closest group of 10 friends, all but one of them are over 40.  I am 27.  Is this odd?

I’ve thought about it and have come to the conclusion that I just have the values that are more likely for people over 40.  I’m not a bar-hopper and couldn’t dance all night if you paid me.  I love chatting, potlucks, and board games.  I also like hanging out with couples that have been married longer than a decade since they usually have made it past the stupid-arguments-every-day stage.  :-)

The few friends I do have that are in their 20′s like me seem to have a lot more drama.  They also aren’t usually all that interested in cheap evenings in.  I’m thinking of one friend in particular right now who would be bored to tears if she had my life.  That’s okay.  I’d be stressed beyond belief if I had hers, lol.

Are your friends around the same age as you?  Do you think it matters?

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9 comments to Are Your Friends Your Age?

  • Hm… I don’t think I could name 10 close friends these days. But the friends I do have are all within 10 years of me.

    We did go to a boardgaming potluck last weekend and I noticed there was a huge age range. I hit it off best with the hosts who were probably in their early 50s.
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  • I’m all over the map, although I don’t have many friends that are under 20.

    When I was younger, I loved old people. They had so much life experience and I adored their stories and advice.

  • @Nicole, I couldn’t have named 10 friends at all a couple of years ago but we’ve slowly formed a close group since then through board gaming, lol. Glad you also participate in board gaming potlucks – they are an addiction of mine, lol. :-)

    @First Gen American, me too! I listen to my grandparents’ stories all the time and even volunteered at the local senior citizens center in middle school.

  • MikeS

    I think just about all of my close friends are in their mid-30′s, like me. All of them I met when I started my first job out of college. I don’t work at that company anymore, but we’re all still friends.

  • It seems like most of my friends I have are in their 30′s or very early 40′s, though I get along really well with people 23/24 and older. I actually enjoy talking to them, because they’re peers given that they’re adults too, yet A) they have often more fun and energy, so they’re interesting to talk to, and B) I’ve been through some things they’re going through, so I can relate on stuff.

    Not sure what this says about me, but I love talking to my little girl most of all, due to her innocence, sense of fair play, and interest in having fun. There’s purity there that many of us adults just don’t have!
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  • @MikeS, I’m happy I finally have friends that I have a good shot at still having in my mid-30′s. Now I just need to get them all into better shape so I can have them in my 40′s and 50′s too…

    @Squirrelers, I love talking to sweet children – they really do have the most ingenious things to say. The problem is when I accidentally start a conversation with a brat – they make me want to have my tubes tied…

  • Mine are all over the map. You may be my youngest friend Crystal! (Outside of my friend’s kids that I am close with, but I am ‘friends’ with them because of my friends, not because I ran into them in everyday life.)

    I also have friends that are around 60. (I am 43). I too love the elderly. When life settles down, I totally see myself volunteering with the elderly. Although by the time that happens, I may be elderly myself.

    There are things to be learned by people of all ages, so I think it is great to associate with a variety of ages.
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  • @Everyday Tips, you are on the young range of my friends, lol. My top two favorite places to volunteer are the HSPCA and Meals on Wheels. :-)

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