January 2018
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Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

I sat down on the potty and, as usual, my Pug had to paw his way in the door and plop himself directly between my calves like he was standing guard.  I usually shoo him away a little so that I can at least pretend  I have some privacy, but he just looked so proud of himself that I left him alone.  That’s when the saying “Be the person that your dog thinks you are.” flashed through my mind.  It is just such great advice.

To the rest of the world, I am human.  I make mistakes.  I get bitchy.  I get happy.  But to Mr. Pug, I am amazing.  I make food magically appear in his bowl and I give him extra treats after I torture him in the bathtub.  I give him head rubs and scratch behind his ears.  I even killed all the little things that were biting his legs when he stupidly walked through the flower beds (fire ants).  So to my dog, I am awesome.

If I could live up to that view 24/7, I would be the person I would want to be.  So I am conciously trying to live up to Mr. Pug’s expectations every day…maybe if I am successful even 10% of the time, I will achieve greatness, lol.

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2 comments to Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

  • Animals act the way on what they see on their master, so don’t be surprise if they have traits similar to you, especially dogs they are mans best friend. :)

  • retired

    My dog doesn’t expect much from me. If I let her lick my foot while whatching a movie, she thinks she’s done her job. Guess they do always think we are great, but lately when I have to help her up and out to relieve herself, I am left wondering if I should maybe be even more awesome and say goodbye before she strokes out or something. Agingis supposed to be so cool, but like everything else it has its sucky side.
    You are awesome.
    BTW, this is the site I was thinking of using for updating annual resolutions. Got the name wrong the other day.