February 2018
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I’m Not the Best Dressed

I was reading the post, Dressing the Academic, at Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured and once again realized that I am a lazy dresser. 


I either wear black slacks for work, jeans when I go out otherwise, and sweatpants at home.  The only differentiating part of my wardrobe is my collection of tops.


I buy t-shirts that make me laugh from Shirt Woot and blouses or sweaters from Kohl’s or Wal-Mart that have a lot of color.  If I’m going to work or meeting up with a group of friends, I choose a blouse.  If I’m at home, I pick out a t-shirt.  That’s pretty much the end of my thought process right there.


I do own some very nice jewelry thanks to my husband, my in-laws, and my mom.  Unless I’m in for the night at home, I always have on my engagement ring and set of wedding bands.  If I’m feeling a little down, I usually throw on my blue topaz necklace and earrings.  If I’m dressing up for a date night with hubby, I may throw on a diamond pendant with matching earrings or a costume jewelry pearl set.  I also have fun with rings since I own 15-20 of them and they all have different colors and shapes.

I also have 2-3 skirts and 2 dresses gathering dust in the closet that I break out for really nice formal events, wakes, and weddings.


As I write this, I am wearing a blue, white, and black striped sweater top, black slacks, my wedding rings and engagement ring, and my leather work Crocs with black socks.  Pretty simple, lol.  When I get home, I already have my sweatpants and bright blue Cookie Monster Shirt Woot shirt waiting for me on my bed.  :-)

For the Guys

Mr. BFS also seems to have a simple system.  He has slacks and about 10 soft Grand Slam polo-shirts in different colors for work, jeans and funny t-shirts for all other times, and one really great suit with 4 nice solid-colored, long-sleeve shirts to choose from.  He also wears his wedding band at all times (even when he sleeps which would drive me nuts, lol).  His only nod to extras is a nice tie collection that he chooses from for dates, interviews, and formal events.

Yep, my daily wardrobe is pretty straight-forward.  Are you a snazzy dresser?  Is your wardrobe way more complex than mine?