February 2018
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Your Kitchen Itself Could be Causing You to Eat

According to this article at Yahoo Health, things other than food in your kitchen could be causing you to gain weight.  Here’s their list and how my kitchen adds up:

1.  Dim the lights – According to the article, bright lights can cause stress which causes us to eat.

My kitchen has several inset, bright CFL’s.  I don’t enjoy dim lighting so I wouldn’t want to change, but I do keep the lights off completely when I’m not in the kitchen, so hopefully that would lessen the apparent stress.

2.  Add a bouquet – Adding a scent that doesn’t coincide with your food may keep you from overeating

This makes sense to me but my asthma can’t put up with most scents.  I also think it’s funny that almost all the candles we do actually own are food scented – vanilla, sugar cookie, cinnamon rolls, etc.  Guess I’ll start putting those away, hehehe.

3.  Use smaller bowls and spoons – We eat less with smaller utensils and serving dishes.

I’m glad I always use the smaller forks and spoons after reading this but am rethinking our giant dinner dishes…we do tend to load them up…

4.  Conceal your leftovers – Hide the super yummy leftovers so you won’t be inclined to scarf them down just because they look good.

This works for me but sometimes too well.  I’ve thrown away a bunch of fuzzy leftovers simply because they were pushed to the back of the fridge…that’s always a sad moment.  At least the calories didn’t get to my thighs.  :-)

5.  Leave dinner behind – Plating the food and walking away will lead to eating less than being surrounded by all of it.

We get this half right, lol.  We do plate our food in the kitchen and eat in the living room, BUT we usually load up so we don’t have to go back for more.  That’s the definition of self-defeating…

What do you think of their list?  How do you stack up?