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Crystal Light Challenge and Weight Watchers Update #28

For new readers (hello!), please go check out the Crystal Light Challenge and join on in! It’s simply a challenge to meet your own exercise goal. I am shooting for 90 minutes a week.

Every week I’m posting my own exercise update for the challenge. Hopefully you will comment below with your weekly results as well. :-)

If you’d like to be added to the challenger list, please leave your name, exercise goal, and website URL (if you have one) below and I’ll happily add you to the list! You can also email me your info to ccthoughts *at* gmail *dot* com or use the Contact form at the top.

Crystal Light Challenge Update

I barely got out of the house and the only exercise I did was going up and down the stairs at home.  In short, I had a bad week and this will have to change.  I’m starting off this week with a stroll, so hopefully I will stay on track.

How did you do on your goal?

Weight Watchers Update

I joined Weight Watchers on January 4, 2011:

  • Weighed in at 176 pounds
  • Wore a Size 14/16
  • Assigned up to 252 points a week plus whatever activity points I can earn (and was told to stay above 203 no matter what).

The goal I made January 1st, 2011 was to weigh 163 or less by July 4th, 2011 and fit into a Size 12 since that was the halfway point to my end of year goal to weigh 150 and fit into a Size 10. I hit my 163 goal by February 7th, 2011 (YAY!!!), so I’m making new goals.

My current goal is to weigh 150 or less by July 4th, 2011 and fit into a Size 10 or 12. I will ultimately be shooting for 140 pounds by December 31st, 2011 and will shoot to maintain that from there.

Here is where I stand today:

  • I now weigh 151 (Technically 150.6 which is up 1.4 pounds from last week’s 149.2 and down about 25 pounds overall)
  • I am still a tight size 10
  • I did not keep up with my Weight Watcher points again!  BUT, I already entered all of my points for Sunday and what I’ve had today, so this coming week will get me back on track.  I did not ever want to weigh over 150 again, so that was the shock I needed to get back to the basics.  Fruit, here I come!

Thanks for keeping me honest! I hope all of your goals are going as planned!

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6 comments to Crystal Light Challenge and Weight Watchers Update #28

  • MikeS

    Ok, time to buckle down. You’ve shown how with your amazing dedication that you can achieve results. Just need to put the focus back on it. I’m expecting to see the points next week. :-)
    I missed a day last week, so didn’t hit my 6 day target. My physical went really well. The exercising and fish oil pills really made a difference in the blood work. Guess I have to keep doing both now.

  • Well congrats! you achieve what you working hard. Self discipline and self control really works.I make a try of what you’ve done. Thanks for the encouragement.
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  • Cher Shives

    I really love this post!!!Great job!!
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  • I think it is pretty normal to have trouble losing more – after you lose the first 15 to 20 pounds. You have to do what works for you at the time you are losing. Weight watchers worked for you for awhile – maybe you just need to tweak your approach.

    I used to write down everything I ate each day along with estimated calories and weigh in each day. This kind of tracking is way to tedious for me now.

    Lost 15 pounds after retireing by adding 1/2 hour to the normal 1/2 hour of morning exercise and having one slimfast a day.

    Also, your body adjusts to lower calorie intakes by decreasing your metabolism – causing you to not lose weight.

    Keep at it – for your health if nothing else!
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  • Me again

    Sad to say I let my diet go after breaking my ankle. And I was down by 20 pounds. Now, 7 months and a healed ankle later, I need to lose it all over again. I will just keep on trying.