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Crystal Light Challenge and Weight Watchers Update #5

For new readers (hello!), go check out the Crystal Light Challenge and join on in! It’s simply a challenge to meet your own exercise goal. I am shooting for 90 minutes a week.

Every week I’m posting my own exercise update for the challenge. Hopefully you will comment below with your weekly results as well. :-)

If you’d like to be added to the challenger list, please leave your name, exercise goal, and website URL (if you have one) below and I’ll happily add you to the list! You can also email me your info to ccthoughts *at* gmail *dot* com or use the Contact form at the top.

Crystal Light Challenge Update

I fell just a wee bit short since I screwed up my tags on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and spent hours trying to fix it.  I also got sick around Thursday…yuck…

How did you do on your goal?

Weight Watchers Update

I joined Weight Watchers on January 4, 2011:

  • Weighed in at 176 pounds
  • Wore a Size 14/16
  • Assigned up to 252 points a week plus whatever activity points I can earn (and was told to stay above 203 no matter what).

My current goal is to weigh 163 or less by July 4, 2011 and fit into a Size 12 since that’s the halfway point to my end of year goal to weigh 150 and fit into a Size 10.

Here is where I stand today:

  • I now weigh 163 (down 13 pounds and I’ve hit my July 4th goal!!!  Now I’m shooting for 150 by July 4th instead, lol).
  • My clothes are looser and I measured 3 inches less in my waist but I still am not quite to a size 12…I’m like a 13, lol.
  • I used 229 points of the 252 I was assigned.

Thanks for keeping me honest! I hope all of your goals are going as planned!

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4 comments to Crystal Light Challenge and Weight Watchers Update #5

  • MikeS

    You go Crystal!!!! With your current pace, you should have no problem hitting your July 4th goal.

    Got my exercising in this week. Probably do one more week of the 4.25 miles and then I’ll increase it next week to 4.5 miles. Need to hit 5 miles before the race in March.

  • @MikeS, wow, good luck with your 5 mile goal!!!

  • Great job on the weight loss. I joined WW in Jan, too. I’m down around 14lbs so far. I find it really easy to follow, do you? Pete from Bible Money Matters is doing it as well. I never knew it was such a great program, and for guys.
    Philip recently posted..States Without State Income Taxes- Move and Pay Fewer Taxes

  • @Philip, thanks! My husband is down 14 pounds too. I do find it easy to follow but I’ve been bad this week. I started off with too many finger foods at the Superbowl party and a bday party for one of our aunts…

    Are you and Pete tracking your progress on your blogs too?