January 2018
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Crystal Light Challenge Update

For anybody who doesn’t know about this, go check out the Crystal Light Challenge and join on in!  This was called the Inner Couch Potato Homicide Challenge, but I like the name my dad came up with way more.  :-)

Every week I’ll post my own update and hopefully the other participants will comment with their weekly results as well. If you’d like to be added to the challenger list, please leave your name, exercise goal, and website URL (if you have one) below and I’ll happily add you to the list! You can also email me your info to ccthoughts *at* gmail *dot* com or use my Contact form at the top if you wish.  :-)

Update – My Current Goal is 90 Minutes a Week

Walking to CVS with hubby last weekend helped start out the week right!  That was 55 minutes all by itself.  Woot!

I’ve also walked the dogs once and have been strolling for the fun of it just because it’s nice outside.  So, yay!  I hit this week’s goal and then some.

Sadly, this cooler weather also brings about major cravings for sweets and junk food, but I’ll try to reign myself in…thankfully this isn’t a weight loss challenge, lol.  ;-)

How did you do this week?

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5 comments to Crystal Light Challenge Update

  • That is super funny. You always come up with the best names.

    I did do a 1 hour walk this week with a friend which is a start. I used to be so active but am going through a slump. The whole family is sick this week, so I feel horrid.

    Historically it’s always taken me about 3 months of regular exercise before a) it shows and b) I actually want to eat healthier.

  • @Sandy L, my dad came up with this one…I was talking to my family yesterday about the different blogs I write and this challenge and my dad said “you know, it’d be funny if it was Crystal Light”…he’s right. It’s super funny. :-)

    3 months? Huh, then I have like 9-10 weeks left before I’ll naturally want to move my tush…I can handle that, lol. :-)

  • Sorry, I have still been under the weather, so my time is exactly…zero. However, I think I will be able to go for a walk in a couple days, so I should be able to reparticipate!
    Everyday Tips recently posted..One Reason I Love Michigan

  • Ang

    I absolutely love the “Crystal Light” over the other name. Dad has quite a cache of ideas in his head…just gotta talk to him.
    Ang recently posted..Secundus Post

  • @Everyday Tips, it might be cheating but I’m not counting sick weeks, lol. Hope you feel better this week!

    @Ang, yeah, our dad is one smart guy! :-)