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Customer Service Rant

Kris at Everyday Tips and Thoughts wrote about an awful customer service experience at Kroger last week, which got me thinking. 

I despise bad customer service.  I hate it from the consumer perspective and from the perspective of a customer service representative.  I am a great customer service rep and truly care about the people I speak to every day on the phone.  I do not want them to hang up without knowing at least one person took them seriously and tried her best on their behalf. 

Customer service is only half of my job but it is the only half I like as well.

Every rep like the cashier at that Kroger makes me fume.  I understand not enjoying your job, but I will never accept that you should ever take that out on the people who interact with you.  It’s rude and shows no class.  In short, bad customer service ticks me off twice over.

The absolute worst customer service experience for me was the call to cancel my Comcast service after 2 months of on-again-off-again service and two failed service visits.  The rep asked me if I would be willing to stay with Comcast if he could get me a discount.  I replied that I wouldn’t use Comcast unless it was free after explaining everything that had happened. 

He then said, “But you didn’t even give us a chance”.  I went from fine to pissed in 2 seconds flat. 

I hadn’t given them a chance?!  I had made at least 10 phone calls over the span of 7 weeks to get my service to work properly and to get rebates for the times it was down.  I had just told him all of that!  And he had the audacity to say I didn’t give them a chance?!  Punk. 

I briskly asked him to cancel my service, send my refund to my address, and to take me out of Comcast’s mailing registry if at all possible.  I returned all of the equipment and thankfully kept my return receipt.  I then received a $200 bill 3 weeks later for not returning my equipment.  I called one last time, gave them the return receipt number, made sure the account was zeroed out, and haven’t looked back since. 

I still get ads from Comcast and happily shred them even before the credit card offers.  Punks.

What’s your worst customer service story?  I promise I’ll do a happier story in the future.  :-)

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4 comments to Customer Service Rant

  • I have to concur that my cable company is by far the worst utility out there. Every time I have to update my credit card on their auto pay system, they screw it up. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Plus, I don’t like that they treat their new customers like gold with lots of promotions and rewards, but then they stick it to their existing customers with crazy rates.

  • @Sandy, AAH! That was the worst. How is it so hard to enter my credit card info correctly?!

    Comcast also raised my rates up to $130 but people were getting the same services for $80…it ticked me off.

    AT&T Uverse will give me available discounts if I call in during the appropriate periods. I really need to do that again since all of my discounts have expired…

  • Hey, thanks for using my post in this one!

    Comcast drives me insane in so many ways. However, I can’t separate from my email address as it would be such a hassle. They have me where they want me. One good thing about comcast though is you can almost always get them to reduce your rate if you threaten to leave.
    Everyday Tips recently posted..Car and Home Safety Tips Sometimes the 2 Are Related

  • @Everyday Tips, I wouldn’t have left if the service was continual because I’m lazy. It’s amazing how fast you’ll run away when you start missing your favorite shows or can’t check your email, lol.