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Exercising Roadblocks

Since I can earn extra Weight Watcher food points through exercise, I have been keeping an eye out for tips and whatnot.  After reading this article, here is how I stand on their 4 exercise excuses:

1. The Roadblock: Getting to the gym is a hassle — and nearly impossible with your crazed schedule!

Okay, I am busy.  But that’s not what’s keeping me from exercising.  I simply haven’t prioritized it enough yet.  When I do, fitting in walks with the dogs and Wii Fit will cost me less than an hour a day.

2. The Roadblock: You’re utterly exhausted.

I’m actually only tired after lunch usually, so I can’t even use this one…

3. The Roadblock: You haven’t seen results and you’re frustrated.

I will say it is hard to get motivated when I look the same every day.  Of course, when I do exercise, I do usually see results within 2-3 weeks, so this excuse doesn’t work for me much either.

4. The Roadblock: You’re bored with your routine.

I like my daily routines and I don’t have an exercise routine, which is the problem.  :-)

My last go-to excuse is that most exercise seems boring.  I used to have walking partners, but one moved away and the other two gave up.  Now I have blogging.  If only writing and commenting for 5 hours a day would burn a ton of calories…

What is your biggest no exercising excuse?  I bet they are way more valid than my own…

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