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How Many Guest Posts Are Too Many Guest Posts?

Over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, I pretty much beg for guest posts.  Since I post every day of the week over there, guest posts allow me to take a breather while giving my readers some different points of view.

Lately, I’ve been receiving more guest posts than normal and have assigned about 2 a week.  I thought that seemed about perfect but my husband asked if that was a bad idea since my readers may want to read more of my actual writing.  My initial reaction is “everybody does it” but that seemed flippant.

How often would you schedule guest posts?

I personally think that if they are 1/3 of your posts or less, you’d be good to go.  Since BFS has posts every day, 2 a week seems good to me.  Since CCT only has 4 posts a week, I wouldn’t want more than 1 per week.  Does that sound about right to you? 

As my readers, how many guest posts are too many guest posts?

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4 comments to How Many Guest Posts Are Too Many Guest Posts?

  • I saw the thread at the Yakezie forums and agree with majority. As long as guest posts do not overshadow your won voice, one-two a week is fine. You want to preserve your own voice and personality.
    Aloysa recently posted..Food For Thought

  • I think it depends on the guest post too… First Gen American talked about refusing guest posts that were just boring short lists of things we’ve already heard a million times. If a guest post isn’t worth reading on any blog, that makes it not worth while. But well-written, interesting, guest posts are fine.
    Nicole recently posted..The pet peeves post

  • Ditto to what Nicole said. It should go with the theme of your blog and have an original thought or two in it. If it’s just someone trying to schlep they’re product or service, and recycling content in a crappy way, then it’s no good. There is no right or wrong number of guest posts per week in my book. It’s more the quality of the content.

  • @Aloysa, that sounds like a good plan to me.

    @Nicole, I just recently started asking for more original ideas from my guest posters and have been pleasantly surprised. :-)

    @First Gen American, I like this point. It’s true too. I rarely read guest posts at sites I like unless they seem interesting to me…