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How Would You Use Your Vacation Days?

I’m getting 15 vacation days for the first time in 2011 and am wondering how I can best use those extra 5 days to my advantage.  :-)

I know that we’ll be using 4 days for our summer vacation during the week of July 4th.  I also know I will need at least two Fridays for two Saturday weddings I need to attend.  Lastly, I almost always take a day during Spring Break to hang out with my husband who gets that whole week off – it helps me make it through the 5 months between New Year’s and Memorial Day, lol.

So, I already have at least 7 days accounted for…here is what I have in mind for the others:

  • At least 1-2 days for a long weekend to meet up with a few other bloggers out there that I am dying to meet.  :-)
  • At least 1 day for a ranch house weekend with my local friends again.  That was fun this year!
  • Another 1-2 days for the board gaming weekend at the end of the year we always go to.
  • Spread out the remaining 3-5 days to make some 3 day weekends in long periods between holidays.

Do you get vacation days?  How do you spread them out?

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8 comments to How Would You Use Your Vacation Days?

  • I get to rollover about a week of vacation into 2011, and then I will accrue another 2.5 weeks. I also have two weeks of a personal time! Yes, I have quite a bit. I usually plan to take some days off around my birthday and my husband’s birthday. Other than that we don’t plan too much in advance.
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  • I have 4 weeks now, but when I only had 10 days, I would always plan my vacations around Christmas or thanksgiving so I had an extra couple of days paid mixed into my vacation time. This meant ditching the extended family but they were also some of the best trips we’ve ever taken. That would be my advice on how to maximize it.

  • Um… do work? Go to conferences… visit DH’s family… Clean the house. Pick up the pieces of my life from the previous semester… We’re incredibly dull.

    Ooh, today was exciting… I finally organized the cd collection alphabetically. A few days ago I hit the DVDs. Small pleasures…
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  • MikeS

    I’ll get 24 days of PTO (vacation and sick days combined). We’re planning on moving this year, so I’ll take a week off for that. We’re also planning on having another child this year, so I’ll take 2 weeks off for that. I always take the week off between Christmas and New Years. That all adds up to 19 days. Assuming I don’t get sick, I’ll probably just use the other 5 days to create some long weekends.

  • @Aloysa, that sounds nice – loose and carefree. :-)

    @First Gen American, I always seem to attach my extra days to paid holidays too, lol.

    @Nicole, LOL. If you enjoy yourself and being able to get some of that work done, I guess it’s vacation well taken!

    @MikeS, sounds like a plan! Has the new baby been conceived yet? If not, that sounds like a good use for long weekends. ;-) Congrats on the move and new baby plans!!!

  • MikeS

    The Mrs. is already 9 weeks, baby unofficially due 8/6. First visit to the doctor this Friday. Already met with the real estate agent to get the ball rolling on selling our current place and finding a new place.

  • @MikeS, super congrats! Tell your wife I am sorry she has to be pregnant during the summer. :-)

  • MikeS

    Thanks!! The AC will probably get turned on in May. :-)