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I Just Joined Weight Watchers

My husband and I joined Weight Watchers Online last night!  His family has been members for more than a month and have already lost 10 or more pounds, so we thought we should change our cruddy eating habits sooner rather than later too, lol.

Here is where I’m starting from as of January 4, 2011:

  • Weight – 176
  • Size – 14/16
  • Food Points Allowed per Week – 252

I’ll keep you all updated on those 3 aspects as I go, but feel free to ask me anything you’d like along the way as well. 

I have two sets of goals for myself:

  • By July 4, 2011 I want to weigh 163 or less and be a size 12 or less.
  • By December 31, 2011 I’m aiming to weigh 150 or less and be a size 10 or less.

What this means for you is that my exercise updates for the Crystal Light Challenge on Sundays will now also include my Weight Watcher updates too.  I can earn more points per week through exercise, so hopefully I will get in gear there too.   You all can keep me accountable.  :-)

Hopefully this system will help me reach my weight loss resolution for 2011 as well.

Have any of you ever tried Weight Watchers before?

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9 comments to I Just Joined Weight Watchers

  • I hope I can comment here at least (I can’t comment @ BFS).

    Anyway, this is so creepy – I am exactly your weight and I joined WW (trial though) last Sunday… My goal is a little more ambitious though, 130 lbs…
    Suba @ Wealth Informatics recently posted..Diagnose your financial health – Do an annual wealth checkup

  • OOOO it went through!!! YAY!! I didn’t expect the comment to show up!
    Suba @ Wealth Informatics recently posted..Diagnose your financial health – Do an annual wealth checkup

  • @Suba, that is weird! My long-term goal is to be at 140 by July 2012. I looked at my best at 135-140 (size 8 and all curves, lol). :-)

    Have you tried commenting at BFS recently? I set up Conditional Captcha there too so even if Akismet tries to mark people as spam, they get a shot at proving themselves before being trashed. I love the idea of Akismet, but in practice, they eat my comments at other sites every darn time…

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  • Wow. I haven’t seen a size 8 since my sophmore year in college. I looked pretty good back then. I’ve been a 10 forever, but now I’m starting to inch into 12′s on some things and I’m feeling pretty gross. I haven’t worked out regularly for a good chunk of last year.

    Good Luck. I hope to learn how you manage to juggle everything. You’ll be amazed at how many calories some exercises burn. I personally have never been able to stay at a reasonable weight without regular and vigorous exercise. I like classes and given how social you are, I bet you’d like them too.

  • @First Gen, the last time I saw a size 8 was in my freshman year of college I think too. :-)

    Since I am crazy busy (voluntarily, totally my own fault), I will be using the Wii Fit for most of my exercise regime. We’ll see if it helps. :-)

  • I’m back to the weight I was this summer before I started paying attention. So I’m hoping I can make it back to size 8 before school starts again as my supply of size 10 professional clothing is very limited. It helps that it finally stopped raining!

    DS got a Wii Fit for Christmas from a grandma… I totally need to try it out.
    Nicole recently posted..2010 in review by WordPress

  • I know so many people that have had great luck with Weight Watchers. If you are as diligent with WW as you are with blogging, you will be down to a 6 in no more, and still dropping.

    Look forward to the updates. You can do it!!!
    Everyday Tips recently posted..Link Round Up- Tired Edition

  • @Nicole, it would be awesome to be a 10 or 12 for me since that was when I bought all of my nice business clothes, lol. Good luck! Have fun with the soccer ball one on the Wii Fit!

    @Everyday Tips, hahaha…I’d look odd at a Size 6. :-) Thanks for your support!