January 2018
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Inner Couch Potato Homicide Update

Okay! For anybody who doesn’t know about this, go check out the Inner Couch Potato Homicide Challenge and join on in!

Every week I’ll post my own update and hopefully the other participants will comment with their weekly results as well. If you’d like to be added to the challenger list, please leave your name, exercise goal, and website URL (if you have one) below and I’ll happily add you to the list! You can also email me your info to ccthoughts *at* gmail *dot* com if you wish.


Dog walking in the slightly cooler weather helped me out this week.  I once again barely made my goal, but barely counts, right?  ;-)

Since it was such a close call, again, I will be leaving my goal the same.

How did you do? Anybody else interested in joining?

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2 comments to Inner Couch Potato Homicide Update

  • Joy

    I am sorry I did not checkin last week, but a family member was hospitalized unexpectedly. I had to rush off and help out. Things are getting back to normal.
    Before I left I had almost 100 minutes an my real bike, 20 mins on the recumbent indoor model. I also scrubbed my entire kitchen living room tile floor and mowed our backyard, hubby did the front and behind the fence. He weed wacked too, so he worked more. He should join this challenge, he is very active couch potato, DVRing all his favorites and games, but still pretty active.
    This week we rode our bikes to the donut shop Monday, Tuesday and Weds., so that is almost 12 mikes, and about 120 minutes. I vacuumed first floor hard floors, and damp mopped them all, so I think that counts. I do need to actually get a solid aerobic routine going. I walked the dogs once this week, .9 mile on rough terrain by the drainage ditch. Saw all sorts of things, including a hawk making off with what looked like a lizard with a mocking bird in hot pursuit. Love these beautiful fall days! Do not love the squirrel making a nest in our front oak tree, right outside my bedroom window. That limb has to be removed, and squirrel needs an unwelcome mat on my roof. Thinking a sticky trap or a glaring fake owl with rotating head. Anyone know if a fake owl scares of annoying little squirrels?

    Hope everyone else did great and is enjoying the weather too!

  • @Joy, I hope your family member is feeling way better! No prob, I’ve added your first week results. :-) Sounds like you are kicking this challenge’s butt! Fake owls only work on tiny areas, but that sounds like what you need. Our next door neighbor had a fake owl up for a while but the only thing it ticked off was Miss Doxie, our dog…she would flip out every time its head moved, lol. :-)