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Is a Blogger a Professional Writer?

During my extensive job hunting, I came across a little freelance work.  The guy hiring me to put together a smooth presentation introduced me to his coworker as “a professional writer”.  I was pretty proud.  Then I started to wonder.

Are you a professional writer if you make money blogging?  What if you don’t make money?  What if you only make a little money?  In short, is there any scenario in which you think a blogger is a professional writer?

I’m going to start introducing myself as a blogger.  I’m very proud of my blogs but I don’t want to seem like I am trumping up their importance.  I’m also more proud of blogging than I am of my day job, so it wins, lol.

So, what do you think?  Have I really lost my mind?  :-)

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10 comments to Is a Blogger a Professional Writer?

  • That seems like a fair description for you, since you’re earning more than just hobby money on BFS. The great thing is that you seem to really enjoy blogging, so it might not seem like hard work for you. Maybe that’s why there’s the disconnect between the “professional writer” comment and your own thoughts? Really, it shows me that you’re lucky to be making money doing something you enjoy.

    For me, since I haven’t focused much on monetizing yet (until starting to get interested in the last few weeks), the description wouldn’t fit. Yet:)
    Squirrelers recently posted..10 Tips to Improve Productivity

  • I guess I draw my line on the bot level. I don’t consider someone who’s using amazon affiliates or adsense as a professional writer.

    However, anyone who is getting paid to write articles by a person or corporation is one. If someone that isn’t a computer program is proactively giving you money in exchange for writing stuff, then a professional writer you are sister.

  • You get paid to write. That makes you a professional writer. End of story. Don’t sell yourself short! Market yourself.
    Nicole recently posted..Dressing the academic

  • @Squirrelers, that could be it. Writing for my blogs doesn’t seem like work…all the SEO stuff seems like work, lol, but not writing. :-)

    @First Gen, ah, I like your definition. Woot, I’m a writer!

    @Nicole, I do, lol. Anyone who talks to me for more than 2 minutes will definitely know about my blogs. :-) I’m not sure if I want to pursue writing as a career outside of blogging, but I do want my blogs to be a huge success. Thanks!

  • Blogger doesn’t have as bad of a connotation as it used to, but if it’s all the same, you are a professional writer. My posts, like the one linked to below takes time for me to research and write. I’ve seen your writing at your three blogs and anyone who was half-assed could not do it unless they were a writer. My two cents.
    Sandy @yesiamcheap recently posted..Decoding the Robo-Signing Foreclosure Freeze Mess

  • @Sandy, thank you so much. I’ve been being tough on myself over my blogs this week and you made me feel much better. Thanks so much for reading! Really.

  • Jenny

    I think in order to be considered a professional writer you need to make a majority, or at least a large portion of your income from writing and put a decent amount of time and energy into it. I may pick up the occasional item from a thrift store and sell it for a profit on ebay, or take my elderly neighbor shopping once a month for gas money ‘and a little extra for my time’, but if this is only a small bit of my income and time, it doesn’t make me a professional re-seller or personal assistant. The same goes for writing.

  • @Jenny, that’s a good definition as well. I only make about 1/8 of my income blogging, but hopefully I’ll be at that 80-100% level by 2012. :-)

  • For me being a proffessional anything isn’t about how much money you make out of it, but about how serious you are about it. If you devote time and energy to produce quality material, even if you do it just for fun or because of some personal objective, you are already doing it professionally.

  • @Finanzas, I like that definition a lot! ;-)