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Job Hunting Sucks

I am looking for a new job. 

I settled for an easy job that pays $35,000 a year because I was good at it and my work environment was pretty laid back.  Not anymore.  They fired 2/3 of the department and expect me and one other person to do all the work.  Plus, we’ve been on a 2 year salary freeze and they are now going to start charging us for some of our benefits.  I have been pushed over the edge.  I’m now job hunting.

As the title suggests, I think job hunting sucks.  Not only do I get to be judged by a ton of employers who never met me based on a resume and cover letter, but spammers also send you a ton of junk you are forced to sift through to find actual opportunities.  I get frustrated with every “Marketing Opportunity” that makes in through my spam filter.

So my awesome readers, how would you look for a job if you wanted to right now?  Would you go through Monster/Hot Jobs and deal with the spammers?  Would you look on Craigslist?  What would you suggest for someone like me?  I have 9 years of customer service experience and truly enjoy helping people!

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16 comments to Job Hunting Sucks

  • I believe I found my job from monster and my girlfriend found her’s through craigslist. So either way will work. But I do understand the frustration with all of those spam jobs especially since they are starting to actually look like real job listings. There’s always the classifieds in the local paper but mine are always bare.

  • MikeS

    I found my current position through a friend of a friend. I let my friends know I was looking for a new job and they asked a people they knew. I was then able to get my resume directly to some internal recruiters and the next thing I knew, I had a job. This was in the second half of 2008, still not sure how I got a job during that time.

  • Networking! By far the majority of jobs are found through a friend of a friend, like MikeS said. Houston is swarming with people who work for oil companies– do you know anyone who does? They’ll have a higher wage than average because an industry premium gets added to the regular clerical wage.

    In Houston, you also have several large universities (UHouston, Rice, Sam Houston State etc.), so you might want to check their web job pages for clerical work.
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  • @Kevin, our newspaper classifieds are also littered with those temp agency spam-like ads…sheesh. Thanks for your comment though since it’s good to know that both methods work!

    @MikeS, I’ve been telling all my friends too – maybe something will pan out, lol. Congrats on your good fortune in such a crappy climate!

    @Nicole, you and I think spookily alike. I have applied for every position I’m qualified for at every college and community college anywhere within an hour of our house. Networking worked well for me in the past and I’m doing it again, the problem just seems to be that most of my friends work for even worse companies than me…

  • Definitely networking..

    Also try to find a headhunter that focuses in the area you want to pursue. My area of expertise is pretty specialized, so I have a few headhunters that are always calling me about jobs at similar companies. I use Linked In and am hooked up to the headhunters in my field as well as other contacts.

    Good for you. You have way more potential than just working in CS.

  • Also, I ALWAYS answer headhunter calls and give them names of friends and colleagues. You never know when you’ll need them in return. One hand washes the other and most of my friends are open to talking about new jobs.
    sandy l recently posted..Sacrifices to Get Ahead

  • @Sandy L, I hadn’t thought about using a headhunter. Thanks!

    I personally really enjoy customer service, I just don’t enjoy the other half of my job…I know, I’m weird. Here’s what I enjoy – I get a call from somebody who hasn’t had a good experience and by the time they hang up, they’re satisfied or extremely happy simply because I can communicate. The power of just having someone who is truly listening is amazing and I like being that rep on the end of the phone for people. It sounds corny and I’m not living up to my full potential in life, but I enjoy it and think that the customers who talk to me appreciate it too.

    So I’m applying for more customer service and admin jobs…I have no idea what else I’d like as much…

  • I have no idea how I would go about getting another job… I would probably talk to people I knew that had jobs similar to what I wanted to do. I would exploit every connection I knew basically.

    You definitely deserve better – go for it!
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  • @Everyday Tips, thanks! I will!

  • Wow, I didn’t know you were looking!

    I would like to get another job to, but the econonmy is so shaky anymore (but then again, isn’t it always?)…

    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find something that suites you better!!!

  • @Money Reasons, thanks! I’m being picky since I can, lol. We’ll see what happens!

  • Joy W.

    All of these ideas are great. How about going back to college while being paid about what you are making now? My brother decided to get his masters and they gave him an assistantship with a paid tuition and a stipend. Apply now for the next Fall, maybe one of those colleges will have openning for the Spring semester.
    You might try a degree in business or psychology. I know you will think me crazy, but you would make an awesome pharmacist. You love talking to people, you seem to be great with numbers, you seem quite methodical. Not sure you could get an assistantship for that.
    Technical sales and technical support are alawys looking for people like you, helpful, alert, and knowledgeable. Good luck.

  • @Joy W, I think that interning and assistantships while furthering education is one of the smartest things I ever heard of. I don’t have the drive to go back to school right now, but if I ever do, I will totally be trying that route!

    Awww, thanks for the encouragement! I am actually pretty much as you described, but my downfall is that science never caught my interest (belive me, this makes my used-to-be science teacher husband pretty sad, lol).

    Technical support sounds enticing if they’re willing to train me. I don’t have any experience with most technology, but I do love the support part! I enjoy walking people through problems and having them “get it” by the end of the call. :-)

    Thanks so much!

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