January 2018
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Kindness Commitment Friday #2

For anybody just tuning in, I post a kindness story and update every Friday as my part of The Kindness Commitment Challenge. I personally think that making a concious effort to be nice will benefit ourselves and others alike. Please feel free to add your random act of kindness in the comment section every week – it’s great for inspiration and makes for happy Friday reading as well!

This Week’s Story from the News

I love this idea!  According to this article, Secret Agent L in Pittsburgh was finally revealed as Lisa Miller:

Her blog shows that she has been brightening people’s days by leaving small gifts behind at random places to make perfect strangers smile.

“People need that, and I’ve sort of always sensed that everyone you meet is carrying some sort of burden but a lot of people don’t share that,” Miller told Wright.

Her gifts are typically worth $5 or less, like a gift of quarters left at a Laundromat, an inspirational magnet and gift cards.

All of them have her calling card and an explanation.

“I want them to feel in the present, be aware of this life they’ve been given which is such a gift, and if I can be the person and let them know there is so much in this world that is good and they are good, that made my day,” Miller said. “I want to get out there in the community as a real person and see what I can do to spread kindness and make this world better, because we have a lot of hurt out there and I want to help that,” she said.

It’s amazing what a few little gifts can do for the spirit.  :-)

My Personal Update

I was kind of sucky this week.  I answered some questions for a few new bloggers though.  Other than that, I don’t know if I’ve even had enough human contact to pull off an act of kindness.  Well, I gave my husband a scalp massage…I doubt that counts though…

How did you do this week? Build any good karma? Have any ideas for us in the future?

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