January 2018
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Kindness Commitment Friday #5

For anybody just tuning in, I post a kindness story and update every Friday as my part of The Kindness Commitment Challenge. I personally think that making a concious effort to be nice will benefit ourselves and others alike. Please feel free to add your random act of kindness in the comment section every week – it’s great for inspiration and makes for happy Friday reading as well!

This Week’s Story from the News

Today’s story comes from Indiana News Center.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) — The Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce has been serving the community for 135 years.

To celebrate the milestone the Chamber will be committing 135 random acts of kindness.

Their first act?

To assist the AIDS Task Force in creating the Larry Wardlaw Humanitarian Award.

The award was created to honor people and organizations who support the task force.

My Personal Update

The coolest dang thing happened to me in traffic.  The lights were out at a major intersection on my way home on Wednesday. 

Picture car-to-car traffic and I need to get to the far right lane 3 over from the far left lane.  It was awful.

But the very nice guy in a white truck next to me waved me in when I smiled at him.  Then a nice little car let me in one more to the right when I smiled, waved, and asked with my hands.  Then I was stuck.  One lane left to my goal.  But the guy to the left of me needed over too, so I let him in front of me and he gave a big wave.  Then he got SUPER lucky and was able to go over one more before I had the chance.  I drove up to take his spot, turned and made eye contact with him, and he waved me in.  SCORE!  It was an amazing dance of good feelings.

I have never been so happy to be stuck in traffic in my life!  :-)

How did you do this week? Build any good karma? Have any ideas for us in the future?

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2 comments to Kindness Commitment Friday #5

  • My company was sponsoring a charity event for Give Kids the World. (It’s a place where seriously ill kids go to get their wishes make a wish, but they provide the food/lodging).

    I bought about $200 in raffle tickets and said that if I won the $1800 cash prize, I would give it all to charity. I didn’t win though but the event did raise about $10K.