January 2018
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Kindness Commitment Friday #8

For anybody just tuning in, I post a kindness story and update every Friday as my part of The Kindness Commitment Challenge. I personally think that making a concious effort to be nice will benefit ourselves and others alike. Please feel free to add your random act of kindness in the comment section every week – it’s great for inspiration and makes for happy Friday reading as well!

This Week’s Story of Kindness from the World

Today’s story is from Kindness USA:

When I was a young boy about 8 years old, my younger sisters and I got the idea to buy something for my mother for Mother’s day.  Money was hard to come by. We went around to the neighbors and asked for pop bottles. Back then, soda pop was sold in bottles, and they were washed and refilled. There was a deposit on the bottles of $.02. per bottle  We were able to get three cartons, just 18 bottles, making a refund of $.36. I also had three cents saved.

So with a grand total of $.39 we walked uptown (about a mile) to where we knew a florist was located.When we went inside, someone asked what we wanted. We told them we wanted to buy flowers for Mothers  Day.  I reached into my pocket and pulled out our whole stash of cash, asking if that would be enough. 

Another gentleman, who I am sure was the owner, came over, looked us over, and said “just a minute”.  He went in back and came out with a geranium plant with gold foil wrapping around the pot. He took my three dimes, a nickle, and four pennies, and said, “Thank you very much.” I had no idea that the cost was about four times as much. And we went proudly home carring a flower plant for Mom.

My Personal Update

This week I volunteered for 3 hours again at my husband’s elementary school library book fair.  He’s trying to hit a $3000 goal.  It was mostly fun but I met a few children that made me want to tie my tubes…

How did you do this week? Build any good karma? Have any ideas for us in the future?

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6 comments to Kindness Commitment Friday #8

  • “I met a few children that made me want to tie my tubes”


    Better to build a time machine and tie the kids’ mothers’ tubes.
    Jason@LiveRealNow recently posted..5 Reasons Why I Splurge On Travel

  • @Jason, that would work too…

  • What a cute story.

    We got more snow this week..unfortunately, I’ve been housebound this week because everyone in our house including me has had a stomach bug. My mom’s neighbor dug her house out twice this week so I owe the world some kindness in return. It was super nice of them but I wasn’t in a position to do anything nice back this week.

  • @First Gen, don’t beat yourself up for being sick. You’re nice all of the time and you just have to allow yourself some recovery time!

  • This week was full of stories that made Maggie very happy to have chosen to be child-free.

    Fresh off last week’s upper-respiratory sickness, we were on the way to daycare on Monday and just had it in sight when DS noted that he didn’t feel well and proceeded to throw up all over the back seat. We cleaned him off and drove me to work, during which time he threw up more, not always in a plastic bag so we cleaned him off more at my work and then DH took him home.

    Last night (also my birthday), right before bedtime, DS decided to see how far a bead would fit into his nose. Fairly far, it turns out. Four hours later it was midnight and the bead no longer in his nose… I am not looking forward to the bill for general anesthesia.

    Don’t you wish you had kids?

  • @Nicole, oh you poor thing. Good luck.