January 2018
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Messages in Bottles

This article at Yahoo Buzz, Message in a Bottle Survives Epic Journey, brings up that several messages in bottles have traveled thousands of miles and years and years before being discovered.  That got me to thinking about all the times as a kid that I wondered about the other stuff out there…

I remember throwing out a few messages in a few bottles.  I never heard back though.  I also remember a few balloons getting away from me.  I’d imagine that somebody hundreds of miles away might smile if they found my butterfly balloon in their backyard.  Who knows?

Now that I know the damage a balloon can cause to a power line, I just hope I didn’t inconvenience anybody too much, lol.

I look at stars and wonder who else was looking at the same ones.  I look out from a mountain view and wonder what the people on the ground are doing.  I am obsessed with watching everything get closer when an airplane lands because I can see each individual car, house, and person simply pop into view when we’re close enough.

A message in a bottle taking 16 months to make it from Florida to Ireland makes a mind wander, doesn’t it?  Do you remember any message in a bottle moments in your life?

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