January 2018
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New Mum Thankful for Boiler Repair

The following is a guest post by Alex on behalf of Home Serve.

It’s normal for expectant mothers to have the odd worry or two ahead of giving birth – but for one Yorkshire woman, having to arrange a boiler repair was an added concern she could probably have done without.

Audrie Woodhouse was left in the lurch when the heating packed up at her home in Welburn over the festive period.

When the system broke down, the 35-year-old was already four days overdue – and it looked as if her plans for a relaxing homebirth in a warm water pool were in tatters.

According to the York Press, the problems began when her central heating system ran out of oil and the snowy weather put the brakes on deliveries of more fuel.

This led to an airlock developing in her boiler, which eventually broke down under the strain.

If this sounds bad enough, worse was to follow for the family, who then had to contend with a water supply pipe repair when the freezing weather caused a pipe in their loft to burst.

With water trickling through the ceiling into her freezing cold living room, it was quickly becoming a Christmas to forget for the Woodhouses, but thankfully this tale of home emergency woe does have a happy ending.

After the local village hall lent the family their geyser to top up their hot water, an engineer visited the property and fixed the boiler.

With all the problems sorted, Ms Woodhouse went into labour on Christmas Day and delivered baby Beatrice Tindall.

After praising the midwives who helped to deliver the tot, the Audrie revealed that in the hubbub of the breakdown, neither she nor partner Andrew had managed to buy each other festive gifts.

“She [Beatrice] was our Christmas present,” she commented.

Although congratulations are in order to the proud parents, but the tale of boiler breakdown woe just goes to underline how getting boiler insurance in place is a really savvy move.

With this type of insurance in place, you can enjoy the peace of mind that any home heating howlers will be sorted out as soon as they occur.

Although Ms Woodhouse was able to get hold of a tradesman during the busy Christmas period, not everyone is so lucky – and the last thing you want to be doing during the festive period is desperately thumbing the phonebooks trying to find someone to come and fix your boiler.

With boiler insurance in place, you can be sure that a fully qualified Corgi Gas Safe registered engineer is on the way to fix the problem – leaving you to get on with the more important things in life.

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