January 2018
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Thinking of a New Credit Card?

The following is a guest post.

If you’re like me, you become pretty disappointed in what your current credit card is offering.  Banks have a secret they don’t tell you, but you could probably guess – they offer their new customers much better deals than their existing customers.  And slowly, over time, as you become an existing customer, the benefits and perks that you first got have been slowly pulled away…leaving you with a poor rewarding, higher interest rate credit card that when you originally signed up. 

Now is the time to look for the best credit cards and see if you can get something better than you current card. 

Where To Start

If you’re thinking about getting a new credit card, you should think about what you need and want.  Ask yourself:

  • Do I Need To Transfer A Balance?
  • What Type Of Rewards Do I Want?

Once you have an idea of what you want, you can begin to look at your options. 

Your Options

There are a lot of credit cards out there, but the best ones all have one thing in common – great rewards, great rates, low costs.  Keep that in mind as you look at your options.

If you need to transfer a balance, there are a lot of credit cards that offer 0% balance transfer APRs for a limited time, usually one year.  This can be a great option if you have a balance you want to move.  Furthermore, unlike some card, the best credit cards don’t charge a fee for balance transfers. 

If you are looking for a rewards card, think about what type of rewards you will value.  Do you like to travel?  Then maybe a travel rewards card that offer mileage or hotel stays would be best.  Do you like to get free stuff?  You may want a points card.  If you can’t decide, maybe cash back is best for you.  Either way, make sure that you are getting the best rewards possible. 

Finally, with any card, make sure that you are not paying an annual fee.  None of the best cards charge one, so don’t pay one.

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1 comment to Thinking of a New Credit Card?

  • Good tips! I try to keep my wallet with just one card. Though rewards are great I find myself using this as a reason to charge more to the card. Right now I just have one credit card and my debt/credit card and thats more than enough.