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Top Things I’d Do Differently when Starting a Blog

I am doing an Ask Crystal day over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and Squirrelers had an awesome question.

…it would be interesting to get your thoughts on 3 things you would have done differently when starting up BFS, and why.

Without further ado, here are the Top Things I’d Do Differently when Starting a Blog:

1. I would not ignore SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the first year.  If I had simply used the All in One SEO Pack plugin from the beginning, I’d be months ahead of schedule and $250 richer (I paid to have someone go back and fill in the info for the first year of posts and pay for Sribe SEO now to check myself and to check that work I paid for…).

2. I would not have sold a one-year text link for $200 about 9 months ago because I was feeling desperate to make some more money. I HATE THAT LINK. It taunts me…

3. I would have started on WordPress instead of Blogger. I luckily fixed that mistake in less than 2 months but the learning-a-new-software process STUNK. There were a few mental meltdowns involved. And I’d have saved myself $125 (I paid to have it transferred).

4.  I may have picked a shorter name. Typing out all over the place is a pain in the booty, lol.

What do you think?  What would you have done differently?

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8 comments to Top Things I’d Do Differently when Starting a Blog

  • I hear you on those first two. Would love to find out who you got to fill in your first year of SEO boxes… maybe shoot me an email?

    I wouldn’t sweat #4 though, just get a form filler or something like that. And link-wise, no one will care how long it is!
    Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog recently posted..6 Secrets That Canadian Car Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

  • @Tom, I used a virtual assistant from oDesk. I’d suggest paying slightly more since I have found some pretty icky mistakes since she made the changes for me.

  • Hi Crystal! I wanna ask…is wordpress better than blogger? Anyway, you have a fairly reasonable things that you want to do differently.
    MyATM Holdings recently posted..User-Sukaduna

  • I feel your pain on receiving too little money for an ad! My first ad revenue ever (back in Nov of last year) was for $50 for a year! Talk about low money! haha
    Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey recently posted..Time is Money

  • I think I’d have a different blog name. Mine’s too long and it doesn’t really say what the blog is all about. I love your blog name. It can appeal to so many different kinds of advertisers. I guess I would also focus more early on on how to get my page rank on the board. I am still scratching my head to why it’s 0. I just figured if I did enough writing and networking, it would come.

    I’m glad I bought a premium word press theme off the bat. That was good. It had all the SEO stuff in it already.

    I guess the last thing is I would have started blogging much sooner than I did. I was an avid commenter long before I was a blogger.

  • I would have started blogging much sooner if I had it to do all over again. As for Blogger vs. WordPress, I really like blogger so (so far) I haven’t regretted using it. Maybe once I make more money I will change my tune.
    Denise @ The Single Saver recently posted..Do you set SMART financial goals for yourself

  • @MyATM, yes, WordPress is way better. I don’t think I would have grown this fast with Blogger.

    @Jacob, I really can’t wait till August, lol.

    @First Gen, I’m just happy I found your blog pretty early on. It’s awesome!

    @Denise, the only thing about Blogger that I had to run from was that it didn’t have trackbacks and pingbacks so people were not informed when I linked to them. I also like the flexibility of WordPress more even though it is harder to learn to use.

  • Definitely. The lacking of pingbacks and trackbacks is one thing that is seriously missing from Blogger.
    Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey recently posted..Financial Goals April 2011 Update – Short Term- Mid-Term- and Long Term