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Weekly Kindness Update #2

Hey everybody! How did you all do on the Kindness Commitment this week? 

Just a quick fyi, I may move this to be an irregular post series unless/until it gains a major following.  Would any of you mind?

This week my biggest random act of kindness was actually done at work.  A customer had reordered a product from a different division of my company, but the new batch was not exactly the same as the previous batch.  After numerous frustrated calls back and forth between the customer and his sales rep, he finally gave up on getting the problem fixed. 

2 years later, he cannot stomach the small issue anymore and decides to have our department fix the programming aspect of the product, which would also solve the issue.  When I quoted him the price, he gave me the whole story and explained why he felt like it was blackmail to have to pay to have this part fixed just because his order wasn’t correct to start with.  I explained how little power I had in the matter but I understood his frustration completely.  He agreed to send over the info needed to charge his account and we hung up. 

I could have left it like that since he was slightly happier that he got to vent, but the whole thing just seemed wrong.  I asked for permission to look into it and found out, after a bunch of phone calls, that the first order was indeed messed up.  I received permission to fix the programming for free and called to notify the customer.  He appreciated someone finally understanding and looking into the issue on his behalf.  I may have only saved him $35, but it was definitely more about the principle of the matter.

What’s you week been like?

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13 comments to Weekly Kindness Update #2

  • MikeS

    Went to the Red Cross on Sunday, spent about 2 hours giving a pheresis donation.

    I’m ok with it being irregular.

  • I actually like the weeklyness of it. I have a bad memory, so I may not remember some nice thing I did from 3 weeks ago. I can’t say that I’m actively doing nice things because of your kindness challenge, but I want to make sure that I really am trying to be a good person and doing things above and beyond on a regular basis.

    This week, I gave my high chair and changing table to a friend who is having twins instead of selling them.

    I also bought 2 packs of “red hots” for a colleague at work. I heard that he likes these hot dogs that are only made in Rochester, NY. I was there this week, so I bought him some.

    Oh, and my mom made pierogis this week and I gave some to two of my customers who have a polish background.

  • @MikeS, I still have to make my blood donation! Maybe that will be my post next Friday, lol. I’ve heard of plasma donation, is that also referred to pheresis donation? My veins are too small for those machines…

    @Sandy L, great! I just wanted to really know if this was actually something anyone looked forward to updating weekly – if you are in, I am in, lol. :-)

    I love being able to help friends out when I had extra whatever anyway – it feels good, right? I think buying your coworker those hot dogs was really sweet! I bought some real vanilla from Mexico for a couple of my coworkers who like to cook and I think they really appreciated it.

    I don’t know what pierogis is (other than it obviously being a Polish food, lol), but I’m glad your customers appreciated your mom’s generosity. Have a great coming week!

    Oh, and I totally understand – I’m not just being nice so I have something to write about on Fridays. I just like knowing that I am doing something to actively keep in mind other people. I am generally nice to everyone, but I wanted to make the effort to be kind all the time and this sort of keeps it in the forefront of my thoughts even more. :-)

  • MikeS

    A pheresis donation is very similar to a plasma donation, except they take the platelets out of the blood and basically return everything else. Same process though.

  • @MikeS, thanks. So you could probably donate more often than every 8 weeks, huh? Oh, not that I’m implying you should – I was just thinking that I always hate waiting two months since I feel better in a few hours, lol. I really wish I could.

    I tried donating using that feed out, feed in machine one time and the donating part was easy, but my vein apparently couldn’t take the pressure of feeding back in what was left. I felt like I had let down the poor woman who had spent an hour babysitting me. Oh well, whole blood for me. :-)

  • I can’t donate blood (so sad). I’ve been to too many whacked out countries and they won’t let me.

    A pierogi is like a polish ravioli stuffed with potato and cheese. They are usually served fried with onions and pork rinds (although I usually just nuke them and skip the garnish).

  • @Sandy L, I couldn’t donate blood until a couple of years ago because of my abnormally high pulse. It did suck.

    Stuffed potato and cheese ravioli sounds yummy! I’d skip both of those garnishes too, but now I’m craving some home cooking…

  • MikeS

    You can actually donate every 7 days, but no more than 24 times in a year. I usually do once a month and then any time they call me. Occasionally they (Red Cross) will call and tell me I’m a match for a patient who’s in need. That’s happened a couple times this year.

    MMMMM, pierogis, might have to get some of them when I go food shopping this weekend.

  • @MikeS, you are a total sweety! I signed up and sent in my mouth swab for potential organ donation if a match pops up, but so far, no takers (I know, morbid humor).

  • Ang

    I admire the whole idea of the challenge, very clever sister ;)
    Ang recently posted..Secundus Post

  • Joy

    I need to get more involved with others. i used to do all sorts of stuff for various community entities and the school district. The politics involved in being charitable get too much and too competative. Makes you feel bad sometimes. I use to donate all of my old clothes to the local shelter, but several times the workers implied they had too much, one said they just threw 90% of it in the bin around back. So I got put off donating stuff.

    I had mono in college and ever since my blood looks bad to blood collecting places. They send me little postcards saying I should wait another year. Not going to tell you how many years have gone by, but I tried again two years ago, and still no takers.
    Good deeds on the internet and helping my family and their friends is about all can do at the moment. I donated a lot of food to a group of hungry college students this last week, lol. They had been eating boxed, canned and frozen stuff. Bought a little too much, so I knocked on the apartment next door and gave them the extra watermelon.
    I found some letters under the mailbox when we went to mail off some stuff. Picked them up and through them in the mailbox. Hope that helped.
    You guys seem like great people! Keep up the weekly good deeds. I am going to try to refer some friends to this site. See if we can bring the kindness thing to loop, and grow. Kindness, respect, and trust seem in short supply most days.

  • @Joy, I’m glad you joined our little group! I bet those college kids were ecstatic…I missed watermelon in college. I was in and out so much it would have just have gone bad. You made their day!