January 2018
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Weekly Kindness Update #3

Okay, so this week was not my most selfless ever.  I let a few people into my lane of traffic despite the fact that they waited far too long.  I was also my normal friendly self, but I didn’t really go out of my way.  I did pick up a second propane tank for our grill to surprise my husband since he had been meaning to do it, so I’m going to count that, lol.

I’m also thinking I will have to double my efforts next week!  Maybe I’ll buy a tank of gas for someone – would it be less kind if I make sure that someone is driving something small?  :-)

How did your week go?

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4 comments to Weekly Kindness Update #3

  • Me too. I really didn’t do anything that proactive this week, but I do have a residual kindness update.

    A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me she was looking for a new VP level job at at big company. I still have some contacts from the big company I used to work at so I said I’d help. I actually knew another person with a very similar background and they totally hit is off. Because of my initial introduction, my friend eventually got an hour with the head of HR for this giant multi billion dollar conglomerate. She is way higher up than me, so it made me feel good that even though I’m no VP, I could still help her get an audience with one.

    At her level, most of the time people are looking for her to help them, not the other way around, so it was a great feeling when I learned I actually did help her.

  • I always let people into my lane. Just because I want them to be as nice too. Doesn’t happen often.
    Aloysa recently posted..Reading Picks of the Week

  • @Sandy L, I think that’s awesome. I always feel good when I can help our customers get answers from another department just because they know me. I’d feel good too if I could help a friend get time with the head of HR!

    @Aloysa, yeah, I always let them in if they have a blinker on…I get supremely ticked when a car or truck with no blinker just tries to squeeze in…

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