January 2018
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Weekly Kindness Update #5


I just wanted everybody to know that the awesome new header was a very kind donation from Ninja at Punch Debt in the Face.  Thank you Ninja!

Also, since you all know I am the opposite of techy, Evan from My Journey to Millions put it into place.  Thank you too Evan!

This week I’m crossing my fingers that I didn’t just give away $300.

Last week a new coworker accidentally paid her car payment twice – once online that she didn’t think went through and then she phoned it in.  Both payments went through the next day.  That meant that she didn’t have the $300 she needed to pay her move-in fee at her new apartment.  I knew she was trying to move away from a bad situation, so I fronted her the $300 (after talking with hubby of course).

Now I’m just trying not to worry too much about it.  She needed the cash, I understand trying to be on your own, and I made the decision to risk it.  That’s all on me. 

I did something almost identical in college and it worked out fine, so I’m hoping I just helped her out for 2 weeks as she needed. 

In college, I also fronted a new coworker $300 for rent after our employer forgot to add her to the payroll in time.  She paid me back the day we got paid the following week. 

We get paid next Wednesday, so I hope I have good news for everybody next week, lol.  The difference between then and now is that I was almost completely broke in college.  That $300 was a few weeks of groceries.  This $300 would just be a sad fun money loss.  I am truly thankful that my circumstances have changed that much in 7 years.  :-)

I can’t think of any other concious acts of kindness this week other than rushing a few orders ahead at work for customers who procrastinated (rushing my part, not anybody else).  I also let a huge truck in my lane that had been trying to move over for almost 2 whole minutes to no avail…poor guy was using his blinker and everything but all the cars ahead of me zipped by instead of letting an 18 wheeler in front of them.

How did you do this week?  Build any good karma?

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8 comments to Weekly Kindness Update #5

  • Today I’m going to kill 3 birds with one stone..what a pun.

    My son’s school lost a lot of funding this year. His is learning about raptors, so I hired a raptor rescue lady to come in to his school and give a 1 hour presentation. She is bringing 5 birds: 2 owls, a golden eagle, and 2 falcons. So, I get to help my school, do something fun for my son, and help this non-profit lady run her rescue business by paying her to come and do this session. I can’t wait to see it.

  • @Sandy L, I hope it went well! It was this morning, right? I think it’s the ultimate win-win-win, so congrats on helping everybody out and having a good time to boot!

  • Pretty banner! Very fancy.

    Sandy– That sounds awesome.
    Nicole recently posted..What do you do when you need to comfort yourself

  • Nice banner, and I like this series. Accountability for kindness….pretty neat. Good job with being kind and trusting financially.

    My kindness this week? Well, I had a converstaion this week with someone who I’m not fond of at all, but went out of my way to be more than cordial and take the high road. It stretched my kindness threshold, but I kept my mouth shut and did it. Does this count?
    Squirrelers recently posted..Vacation Days by Country- How Do We Rate

  • Hmmm, I think I would give your friend the $300 today but back when I was in college (and the budget was much tighter), I think I would have only gave her half (if even that much). Probalby I would have sent her to see how much she could get from other sources, explaining that I’m a starvin-college student ;)

    Hmmm, what did I do that was positive… Most of my week was fighting a trojan/virus that infected my primary laptop. I almost got it finished but I’m doing some deep (rootkit level) scans…

    My son and I did watch a meteor shower this morning at 5:00am :)

    Oh Ninja did a great job on your header!!! Kudos to Evan too!
    Money Reasons recently posted..Roth IRA – The Dividend Shield

  • The bird thing went great. I had my doubts because the bird lady was very concerned about stressing out her birds. She wanted 50 kindergarteners to be very quiet and not make any sudden movements for an hour. Yeah, right, but they were the best behaved kids you ever saw. I was so proud and even the bird lady said they were one of her best groups ever.

    The kid’s oohed and aahed every time a bird got taken out of it’s box. I hope it is memorable for them. It was super super cool..and even about 20 parents showed up too. The only weird part was when the lady asked the kids to thank me and my husband for paying for her to come that day.

    I’m going to try and do a post soon about alternative charity ideas. I think it’s much more fulfilling to do something like that than to have money auto deducted from your paycheck every week.

  • @Nicole, thanks!

    @Squirrelers, that absolutely counts! Being nice to people I don’t like at all is the hardest kindness of all imo.

    @Money Reasons, I’m glad you hung out with your son – woot for quality time even if it means so little sleep!

    @Sandy L, what was she on! I’m glad the kids were awesome but she would have made me the most nervous…and telling everybody who paid was just wrong unless you talked about it in advance. BUT, I’m glad all the kids had a great time! I look forward to your post!