January 2018
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Weekly Kindness Update #6

For anybody just tuning in, I post a kindness update every Friday as my part of The Kindness Commitment Challenge.  I personally think that making a concious effort to be nice will benefit ourselves and others alike.  Please add your random act of kindness in the comment section every week – it’s great for inspiration and makes for happy Friday reading as well!

This Week’s Update

This week, I randomly paid for someone’s meal.  Specifically, I went through the Taco Bell drive through for lunch and paid for the meal of the car behind me.  It was $3.85, so it didn’t break the bank, but hopefully whoever was driving that dark blue sedan had a happier Monday.  :-)

Oh, and the coworker who borrowed the $300 two weeks ago paid me back.  She was able to move in as planned and is enjoying her own place.  Woot!  I love it when things work out!

How did you do this week?  Build any good karma?  Have any ideas for us in the future?

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3 comments to Weekly Kindness Update #6

  • This week, we kicked off our united way campaign at work. First, I did my annual pledge and did up it from last year.

    Second, I tried buying a united way lunch for my 2 CS reps, but they had already gotten their lunches paid for my one of my peers. So I asked one of the reps to do me a favor and ask around and see who still needed tickets. She found out that 8 people didn’t have tickets bought for them yet, so I bought theirs instead.

  • @First Gen, I love your random acts of kindness because they are always interesting and original!

  • The interesting thing is that I haven’t had to think about “what’s going to be my act of kindness for this week.” Opportunities just seem to always present themselves. Hopefully this isn’t the end of my streak.