January 2018
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Weekly Kindness Update #9

For anybody just tuning in, I post a kindness update every Friday as my part of The Kindness Commitment Challenge. I personally think that making a concious effort to be nice will benefit ourselves and others alike. Please add your random act of kindness in the comment section every week – it’s great for inspiration and makes for happy Friday reading as well!

This Week’s Update

I made a few people smile with some silly jokes and accelerated a few orders for customers.  Oh, and I helped a coworker with some questions about her property taxes.  So I didn’t cure cancer or anything, but at least a few people had a better day because of me (hopefully).

How did you do this week? Build any good karma? Have any ideas for us in the future?

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2 comments to Weekly Kindness Update #9

  • I did another jelly delivery at work. Some people caught wind of my jelly and asked why they didn’t get some. Actually one of them was my boss’s boss who I used to work for once upon a time. Well, I usually don’t give gifts to higher ups because it’s like butt kissing, but since he felt left out, I did deliver him a jar.

    I didn’t do anything else noteworthy. The holidays are coming up, so I’m sure I will be doing baked good deliveries in the coming weeks.

  • @First Gen, I’m glad your jelly was such a big hit!!! I’m loving my jar too. :-)