January 2018
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Weekly Kindness Update #1

Hey everybody!  How did you all do on the Kindness Commitment this week?

This week I made the concious decision to smile as much as possible.  I have no idea if that really makes people feel good or not, but it made me feel better, lol.  My random acts of kindness for the week were to give granola bars to a couple of homeless men on my commutes.  Not the absolutely most impressive week ever, but at least it wasn’t a failure.  :-)

So, what were your stories for the week?

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6 comments to Weekly Kindness Update #1

  • One of my friends held a fund-raising event so that she could go to yoga teacher training. I missed the fundraiser and did not contribute on purpose.

    After the fundraiser was over, I asked her her how close she got to her goal..and then sent her the difference.

  • @Sandy L, that was a great idea! I bet she was so surprised!

  • I have been so busy with life that I didn’t do anything extraordinary. I always hold the door for others and greet people nicely and such.

    Maybe next week… :)
    Everyday Tips recently posted..Some Really Dumb Advice On Helping Others Deal With Depression

  • @Everyday Tips, being kind all the time is good too. :-)

  • Joy W.

    I answered questions from new members on a forum, despite threats from veterans of the forum. Not sure if that is being nice or no. Did you know that there is a forum tradition in making new members learn to look things up on their own?
    So why have the forum?
    So far they have not told me why. Just that simple questions should be ignored, as the posters need to learn to look up the simple stuff or ask someone else. I helped find a stray dog his owner.
    I did not kill any of my family members.

  • @Joy W, the more I hear about online forums, the less I like them. Nicole from Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured mentions parental forums all the time that just sound like online bullying…

    I’d answer the new members’ questions too. I think it’s only welcoming.

    Yay for finding the dog’s owner! I did that a few months ago and was so happy – happy for the dog, the owner, and the fact that I didn’t end up with a third dog, lol. Bravo for not killing any family members too, lol. I was pretty mad at my husband on Friday, but we’re better again…I understand the kindness aspect behind not killing them… :-)

    Thanks for participating!