January 2018
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Welcome to Crystal Clear Thoughts!

I am Crystal.  ;-)

Hi to all of my Budgeting in the Fun Stuff readers!  I’m glad you’re visiting!  Thanks for taking a look at my new project!

For anybody who hasn’t met me yet, you are reading the musings of a late-twenties, very happily married woman who is the definition of middle-class. My husband and I live in Houston, TX with our two dogs.

We were both raised by financially savvy parents who thankfully taught us the ins and outs of personal finance early on. That led me to start Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – a personal finance blog about saving, spending, and the fun stuff along the way.

I love BFS, but reading other blogs like Everyday Tips and Thoughts, First Gen American, and Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured, which cover all kinds of topics, caused me to want a site that could be about anything.

Crystal Clear Thoughts is a haven for all. All topics, all people, all point of views, etc. – whatever we want.  :-)

Honestly, I love to see your opinions and questions, so please comment when the mood strikes! If you have a topic you want mentioned, please shoot me an email at any time. This is a community-driven blog that will succeed only through participation, so jump on in!

If you would ever like to contact me, please email:
ccthoughts (at) gmail (dot) com

Welcome once again!  I look forward to the road ahead!

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