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Why Did They Kick this Girl Off the Cheerleading Squad?!

A 6 year-old girl, Kennedy, was thrown off a cheerleading squad in Madison Heights, Michigan after her mom complained pubicly about one of the cheers she thought was innappropriate: ”Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right”

In the interest of full disclosure, I think cheerleading is usually pretty gross for little girls and boys…it’s just too racy in my opinion for non-adults.  Actual cheerleading should mean getting the audience involved – I’m not sure how kids doing suggestive dances does that.  Plus with everybody freaking out about child molesters, I’m surprised parents don’t mind some of the outfits they put on those kids… 

Putting that aside, that cheer didn’t seem too bad to me, but I understand why the mom complained.  What I don’t understand is why they kicked the little girl off the squad.

If a kid was judged by a parent’s actions all the time, there would be no more little league sports…I mean, could you imagine all the kids being tossed if their parents said or did something that is frowned upon?  The refs wouldn’t have any kids left on the fields…

So this little girl is now kicked off the team since her mom went to the local media with her complaints.  The members of the league voted unanimously to keep the cheer and say goodbye to Kennedy.  I think that sucks.

What do you think?  Is the cheer too racy?  Should Kennedy have been kicked out?

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4 comments to Why Did They Kick this Girl Off the Cheerleading Squad?!

  • Classic! Madison Heights borders the city I live in- that is so funny. Since we don’t get daily paper delivery anymore (paper stopped offering it), I am missing all the interesting news.

    So what does this little lesson teach kids? Stand up for yourself and get the boot? Parents aren’t allowed to voice their opinion?

    Personally,I would not like my daughter doing that cheer either, especially not when she was 6. Too many pedophiles and weirdos out there, and I think the message is a little too mature for a 6 year old.

    I am sure Jeffrey Fieger will get involved. (Local Detroiters will know who he is. He is a high profile attorney that sticks his nose in every case in the metro-Detroit area.
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  • @Everyday Tips, yes, the message is “don’t disagree with us or else”…punks…

  • Joy W.

    I agree. The squad had no justification for kicking the little girl off the squad. It cost money for uniforms, training, meetings, and travel.
    On the other hand, was the mother justified in going to the media? Shouldn’t she have asked the other parents if they found the cheer a little too racy for their 6-year olds, what with possible pediphile onlookers. The neative publicity did nothing for the squad as a whole. This was not a news worthy event in my opinion. It is sad that football and cheer leading take up so much of our time, effort, and attention.
    Seeing that the squad kicked her off, I think they should reimburse all fees to the family. The mother wants more and better for her child, so I would recommend some othr activity that empowers the little girl. She needs to get her into a successful activity and encourage her growth as a person.
    Fencing sounds empowering, and if I remember right, they need more female fencers for the Olympic team. Or maybe archery?

  • @Joy W, I love that idea of finding a more empowering activity. Archery and fencing are both pretty awesome (I stink but they are fun). My favorite actress, Gina Davis, actually went to the Olympics in archery a while ago. Two of my close friends in college were really into fencing.

    I’d also suggest softball since it’s one of the few popular female sports that is available in college too – volleyball, softball, basketball, and tennis were all well respected and watched at my college…

    I agree, the mom should probably not have rushed to the media…that seemed a little high-handed…